Hooligan Hefs
Enschway | Go Freek | Jordan Brando
Jordan Burns | Little Fritter
Paluma | ShockOne | Tay-G | Tori Levett
Torren Foot | Winston Surfshirt (DJ Set) | Wongo

Beau Mosh | Beverly Thrills | Dè Saint | Jacob Tompkins | Joskie | Jynx House DJs
Kessin | Loqi | Luvo | Maddie | Shimmy Disco | Untold | Whitty | Zedena

The Jynx House is BACK for their second show of 2022 with a WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE, taking over
Aussie World theme park for one MASSIVE day. Featuring a jam-packed lineup catering to every taste,
including Sydney’s rap/EDM king Hooligan Hefs, global sensation and house music prodigy Torren Foot,
Perth drum and bass legend ShockOne, multi-talented Sydneysider Tori Levett, hip-hop/psych-pop maestros Winston Surfshirt (DJ SET) and so many more! Supported by local favs such as the
chart-topping Paluma, Dè Saint, Zedena, Maddie and more, there will be no shortage of groovy tunes.
And if that wasn’t enough, all punters will have access to the entire theme park for endless fun and
games, rounded out by a loaded day of beats and boogie!

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