This Brisbane-based folk singer-songwriter and poet, Jordan Merrick, is starting the next phase of his career with an exciting and new sound captured in his new single, ‘Low Country’.

‘Low Country’ is the first new release from Merrick since his jam-packed debut year in 2017, where he put himself on the map with multiple singles, two EPs, ventured on a number of tours and supported acts including Mia Dyson and Alex the Astronaught.

Merrick was noticed in all corners of the music industry with his singles receiving national radio play on Triple J, Double J and rotation on ABC Country; added to Spotify curated playlists and held high chart position over multiple weeks on AMRAP’s Airit.

The first half of 2018, Merrick focused on writing before diving back into performing again in the second half of the year. In that time Merrick had been working hard towards his plans for 2019 for new releases and live performances including his most recent live show where he had the pleasure of supporting the blues legend, C.W Stoneking.

Now, Merrick is announcing that ‘Low Country’ is the first taste of his debut album set to be released later this year and is also one of his most ambitious tracks to date featuring Harry James Angus (Cat Empire, Tin Pan Orange) on piano and organ and brought to life by the help of ARIA winning producer/ engineer Steven Schramm (Paul Kelly, Bob Evans, The Cat Empire).

Bestrewn with layers of 60’s pop-rock tremolo riffs on the electric guitar, piano and an old school organ that fittingly harps away with the grooving drums, Merrick comes out of the shadows with a slow, poetic croon.

As Merrick mixes in folk, blues-rock, soul and even vaudeville, he lyrically delves into the theme set up by the music – the excitement and dare of temptations. Merrick states:

“When I think about temptation – be it vice-like alcoholism or drug addiction – most would view it in a dark, dangerous light. While that is certainly true, I think the allure of any vice or addiction paints itself to the user as a thing of joy, fulfilment and euphoria – similar to that of the sirens in Homer’s’ Odyssey.

‘Low Country’ is the Angel and Devil in each corner of your mind fighting to convince you to both resist and give in.”

To launch the new single and the road towards his debut album, Merrick will be performing on Sunday, 9th of June at Brisbane’s Junk Bar, then following that up with a show in Sydney on the 5th of July at The Gasoline Pony.

Upcoming Shows
Friday, 7th of June – The Junk Bar, Brisbane. w/ Frank Sultana

Friday, 5th of July – The Gasoline Pony, Sydney.

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