Returning in a quirky, tongue-in-cheek burst of technicoloured indie-pop, dynamic duo JUNO are bringing their fierce flavour to the eagerly-awaited sophomore single ‘All The Kids’ (out Feb 23).Bright, bold and rocking their distinctive pastel-hued aesthetic, JUNO marks the inevitable musical match-up of Kahlia Ferguson and Sam Woods, who first met as members of indie-rock band Sunflower, before forming their propelling pop duo and making their 2021 debut with feisty single ‘Zero’ and a sold-out launch at Brisbane’s Black Bear Lodge.Now, JUNO are back, plugged in and vibing with their newest track ‘All The Kids’, a deliciously erratic electro-pop banger that hits all at once, like a multi-flavoured slushy brain-freeze. Jumping between funky basslines, unpredictable percussion and flirty vocals, the track never stays in one place too long, always finding a new blinding synth-pop flair to add to the mix. As clever sass-filled vocal deliveries spout inescapably charming lyrical hooks, fuzzy electric guitar licks and dramatic synth notes make themselves known, the dynamic production expertly highlighting the song’s twists and turns. Buoyant, playful and slightly bonkers, ‘All The Kids’ exudes that striking JUNO sparkle, proof that the pair will always understand the assignment.Inspired by the tendency for online escapism to cure that dreaded stuck-at-home boredom, ‘All The Kids’ was written about Kahlia’s own experiences navigating her relationship with cyberspace, especially during the past couple of years. Kahlia further explains:“As a full-time musician I’ve noticed myself becoming disconnected from my usual day-to-day life and social circles, and more connected to this weird online world I’m plugged into, Matrix-style. With too much time on my hands, I’ve become more aware of companies making me feel sh*t about myself, so I buy their products… or that weird twisted boost of serotonin I get every time I post something on social media… Realising that none of us are who we appear to be online… That I can buy anything from anywhere in the world without ever having to leave my bed… The fact that I manage to lose hours of my life scrolling through God knows what… I guess this song is about me realising how crazy all of that is.”Continuing to turn heads with their unapologetic indie-pop exuberance, JUNO’s previous release has seen support from the likes of AAA Backstage, Aus Pop, AMRAP, Milky Mag, West End Magazine, Triple J Unearthed and more. JUNO also joined the Spaced Out Festival at the beginning of January alongside Pacific Avenue, Death By Denim, Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers and more.So stay on top of the trends and make sure you’re ready for the release of JUNO’s sophomore single ‘All The Kids’ on February 23.

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