Put yourself in reverie with Isabel Wood’s latest single ‘pulling teeth’ out now via Central Station Records. Delighting fans again Wood’s delicate dreamy vocals continue to pervade her music since the release of her debut single ‘Sunburn’ in 2019. The latest from the stellar songstress ‘pulling teeth’ is a minimalist slow burner that manages to maintain her own brand of unique instrumentation and distinct vocals. Placing listeners in a melancholic trance as soon as the track opens with an array of rolling drum melodies, lush guitar riffs and Wood’s sweet vocals as the cherry on top.

Wood‘s honeyed lyricism weaves a relatable narrative that is both riveting and visceral, settling listeners into a tale of a relationship’s ruin. “‘pulling teeth’ is easily my most savage song yet” Wood reveals about

he single, further sharing, “the track is about letting a toxic relationship go on for way too long, until finally everything reaches breaking point and you explode with all of the thoughts that you probably should’ve kept to yourself.” The accompanying theatrical music video directed by Madeline Randall (Sycco, Hallie) invites the viewer into a journey of frustration and fantasy. The various scenes act as a reflection of the evocative lyrical content creating an almost idyllic moment. Wood has created a refreshing visual through the use of vintage styling, vivid symbolism and soft filters depicting a sombre side to a connection. The video follows through to a plot twist where roles are reversed reflecting the lyrical content  when the single takes a turn to introspective and acceptance of one’s own missteps in a relationship.


Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Isabel Wood, is driven by her sheer passion and authenticity. Her dedication to the craft shines again on ‘pulling teeth’ as she steadily ascends through the pop music scene. Working again with long-term collaborator Xavier Dunn (GRAACE, George Alice) Wood notes “I had a pretty specific production vision for this track and Dunn absolutely nailed the brief with bright guitars, groovy bass lines and snappy percussion. He injected so much energy into this one”. The ambience of the song becomes all-consuming as Wood and Dunn create another standout track that truly sets her apart from pop star peers. Earlier releases this year ‘Run & Hide’ and ‘Peaked in High School’ further showcased her skills in building an impressive sonic catalogue, keeping consistency while continuing to further her artistry. Having already racked up millions of streams across her platforms and garnering industry interest with an impressive amount of editorial playlisting and radio support with reviews from triple j’s Declan Bryne noting “i love how those sonic explosions match the emotional outpourings from isabel.” Wood displays the same colourful quality in her latest single ‘pulling teeth’ with her own unique way of drawing people in, and expressing her innermost feelings perfectly aligned with the production soundscape.


With a strong vocal range and thoughtful song writing, Isabel Wood manages to create something magical in all of her records and there’s no doubt plenty more in store from this inspired artist.


‘pulling teeth’ from Isabel Wood is out now via Central Station Records.



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