MOSES CARR is the conduit for the world’s divine sound material. The young, Melbourne-based musical innovator has today independently released his newest single, ‘Body Heat’.

Drawing heavily on hip-hop, soul, West African and South American styles, Moses Carr blends together a fusion of influences that results in a truly unique and immersive experience. His many references and touch-points funnel through to create a rich sonic language, comprising of heavy drums and sophisticated, thoughtful harmonies.

Moses’ new single ‘Body Heat’ glides with a momentous force. It is centered on a dreamy undulating sample which is reimagined by the use of fiery hyper-swung shakers and thumping kicks. A smooth yet assertive walking bass-line drifts up and down following the lush vocal harmonies. As more layers are introduced, the textures combine to create a well-oiled machine ready for the dance-floor. The back-end of the track reaches a climax when it cascades into an interlocking funk groove between the guitar and bass.

Moses feels an agency to educate his listeners on the significant rhythmic music of different places. The familiar sounds of hip-hop, funk and soul are intersected by Sri Lankan, Ghanaian and Afro-Cuban music. He delivers these varied influences with a highly refined production style. The components are layered carefully but also with a sense of playfulness and spontaneity. The dense sound world never ceases to transport his listener somewhere foreign yet strangely familiar.

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