Mudvayne + Coal Chamber

                                                                           Australian Tour February 2024
“Wriggled between nu-metal, alt-metal, prog and hard rock in a way that remains completely unrivalled to this day. No one else has or ever will sound quite like Mudvayne”  Revolver Magazine Mudvayne have sold more than six million albums worldwide with 3 Platinum albums in Australia alone. They were honoured with the first ever MTV2 Award and were heavily featured in the pages of Rolling Stone, Revolver, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, Blender, Maxim, Spin, Guitar World, USA Today, and countless others media outlets where metal bands fear to tread. They were even written into a pivotal episode of The Sopranos! For most artists, such achievements usually mark the summation of an entire career –if they’re lucky. For Mudvayne, that was just their first 5 years.The Ill Noise from Illinois unleashed their Lethal Dose in 2000 via their debut album L.D. 50.The jaw dropping video for Dig and mind bending groove of Death Blooms created legions of fans who would remain forever loyal as evidenced by the 2.5 million monthly listeners that continue to immerse themselves in Mudvayne’s soundscape on Spotify. An army of 2.5 million monthly listeners on Mudvayne’s Spotify have amassed an astonishing 171 million plays for Happy? from 2005’s Lost and Found, a testament to the enduring power of their music.Mudvayne’s musical alchemy defies categorisation, seamlessly blending death metal, jazz, fusion, progressive rock, and world music into an audacious mix that completely sets them apart from their peers; so much so that they are unofficially credited with creating the ‘math metal’ genre.  “Nu metal would never have left the starting gates if it weren’t for the achievements of Coal Chamber.” Alternative PressCoal Chamber were one of the first bands to weave detuned guitars, noisy textures, white knuckle intensity, hardcore punk, and hip hop like they were always meant to be.Bridging the gap between heavy metal power and industrial groove at an infectious tempo, their self titled debut delivered the classics, Loco, Sway, Big Truck, and Oddity and was included in Kerrang! Magazines’ ‘Greatest Nu-Metal Albums of All Time’. Their influence is undeniable.Chamber Music and Dark Days followed respectively with the band dominating every festival and stage they appeared on, before 2015’s Rivals which did not so much press the reset button on their career as much as smashed the thing with a hammer.After an absence of well over a decade, Mudvayne and Coal Chamber have joined forces for an EPIC Australian tour in February.    TOUR DATESFebruary 14: Fortitude Music Hall, BrisbaneFebruary 16: Hordern Pavilion, SydneyFebruary 17: Festival Hall, MelbourneFebruary 19: Hindley Street Music Hall, AdelaideFebruary 21: Metro City, PerthRegister HERE for info and exclusive access to pre sale tickets.

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