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Releases Topical Animated Music Video for 
Get Along
Upcoming Second Solo Album, The Ides Of March Due May 14

With the release of his second solo album a few weeks away, MYLES KENNEDY is unveiling another official music video from The Ides Of March. The new video for album opener “Get Along” is an animated short film based on an idea created by Kennedy and brought to life by director/animator Ollie Jones. Animators Jake Lava and Sam Clark worked with Jones to tell the story of how society is affecting the animal kingdom, depicting a group of animals that live in a forest banding together to fight an increase in pollution in their homes as well as corporate expansion through deforestation as Kennedy sings the poignant lyric, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

A bear, beavers, deer and even a ninja turtle among others band together with the help of a wise owl to protect their land to relay a message that everyone needs to work together for the benefit of a better world.

“Get Along” is the third track released from the upcoming Napalm Records album The Ides Of March ­– scheduled for release on May 14. While Year Of The Tiger was more of an acoustic exploration through Myles’ mind, The Ides Of March finds him strapping on his electric guitar and pushing himself as a guitarist/songwriter. Tracks like “A Thousand Words,” “Wake Me When It’s Over” and “Moonshot” showcase the diverse musical arrangements that have garnered Myles fans globally across all of his projects.

“Get Along” comes as debut single “In Stride” is moving up the radio airplay charts worldwide, which led to a #4 placement in German rock and a Top 30 placement in US Active Rock charts, beyond others. Myles also released the album’s title track, “The Ides Of March”, last month to fan and critical acclaim alike. “The Ides Of March” is the longest song on the album, clocking in at 7:39, and showcases the musicianship of Kennedy and cohorts  longtime friend and drummer Zia Uddin and bassist/manager Tim Tournier. The Ides Of March was produced by longtime collaborator Michael “Elvis” Baskette.