Neo-Soul Artist Mareshah Releases New Velvety Soulful
Single ‘Pursuit’

Australian Neo-Soul artist Mareshah showcases her sweet velvety tones and gospelinfluences in new single ‘
Pursuit,’a soulful tune off her upcoming EP  ‘Unjaded’
Drawn from Mareshah’s personal experiences exploring belief, ‘Pursuit’ is about her
humbling realisations that you don’t need to be perfect to be loved by God, nor do you
need to be completely put-together to be worthy.

On the single Mareshah said “‘Pursuit’ celebrates the freedom of knowing you may not
have it all together but you are sought-after, valued and known”.

Through her strong lyrical ability and demonstrated mastery of articulating the ‘subjective
experience,’ Mareshah’s artistic delivery allows her to connect with her listeners to the
point of cognitive convergence. In saying that, her music is beautifully relatable, which is
achieved by acknowledging her flaws and taking ownership of her identity.
Based in Melbourne, Mareshah’s musical inspiration comes from a richly diverse range of
artists, many of which are outside of her own time. With 15 years experience in the music
industry, playing Melbourne bars, clubs and stadiums alike, to lending her voice for
televised sporting and music events -Mareshah is excited to take her own music to the
next level.

It goes without saying that her unique blend of fiery sass and velvety tones can be
expected in her upcoming EP ‘Unjaded,’ which is slated for release later this year

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