Melbourne’s NIDUS are today announcing the imminent arrival of their brand new EP, Colourshift! The EP will see its release into the world on Friday October 25th, and to herald the announcement, they have dropped the first cut from it, along with a cracking filmclip full of unnecessary surgeries, blood splatter, breakdowns and hilarity.

The ‘Colourshift’ EP will be available for pre-order this Friday September 20 at, and the single ‘Stay’ will be available to purchase and stream at all digital stores and outlets on the same day at

‘Stay’, the first single from the Colourshift EP, according to vocalist Dylan Abel, is “…about the beginnings of a relationship breakdown; this song was written with much less of a theme in mind and was a very immediate result of Louis and I writing lyrics on the fly and then committing to whatever sounded good, rather than over-thinking the theme and over-cooking the idea!” The clip was Directed and Edited by Max Hopins.

This brand new EP represents a move away from the traditional dark metal sounds that Nidus once used and focuses more on Major sounding chord progressions and an element of pop-punk-esque positivity, resulting in a hell of a fun time to be had for all. This track and the EP as a whole was Recorded/Mixed/Mastered By Jamie Marinos and the Clean vocals were recorded by Beau McKee.

Nidus previously released their ‘Coalesce’ EP in 2017, featuring their previous single ‘Labyrinth’, in 2017. The band have refined their membership down to three – now featuring Jack Tunnecliffe on Drums, Louis Pyo on Guitar and Clean vocals and Dylan Abel on Vocals.

Nidus’ EP ‘Colourshift’ will be released on Friday October 25 and is available for pre-order from this Friday, September 20, and the single ‘Stay’ will be released to purchase and stream at all digital stores and outlets on the same day at

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