Adelaide/Tarndanya Aussie skeleton punk band, Nocturnal Animals, serve up their awaited debut EP–’Paint A Picture’ (November 4).

In-your-face drumming, fuzz-ridden guitars and punching punk-rock vocals; this paints a picture of Nocturnal Animals. Their electrifying live performances have landed them support slots with the DZ Deathrays, The Buoys, Nerve and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, and now they’re here to make a statement with their 6-track EP ‘Paint A Picture’.

Following their latest releases ‘Passive Tone’ and ‘A Simple Fuck You’, Nocturnal Animals have animated their own audience from Sydney, Melbourne and their hometown in Adelaide.

‘Paint A Picture’ contributes to the themes of their latest singles–cutting toxic people out of your life and dropping the burden and grief that follows you like a ball and chain. Nocturnal Animals explore dysfunctional relationships, expectations to conform to societal norms and finding confidence in yourself whilst secretly suffering.

The EP opens with ‘All My Cares’, an iconic track for those who are done with pulling the short straw. This moody piece opens the EP with attitude-filled guitars, relatable chants and moody lead guitar lines. The second track, ‘King of the Dolphins’, is the anthem of the corner guy–the person doing their own thing at the party without the need of validation from anyone else.

Crowd-favourite single, ‘A Simple Fuck You’, continues to push the punk EP with grit and grinding guitars. The scathing energy from Nocturnal Animals is consistent on ‘Paint A Picture’, presenting their manifesto on where everyone can stick it. ‘Tyler’s Song’ is dedicated to Bamm’s little sister and explores toxic relationships and seeing somebody trapped hopelessly, sometimes without realising it themselves. ‘Tyler’s Song’ encourages seeking your individuality and finding value in your own character.

The fifth track of the EP is the bands lead single ‘Passive Tone’. Seething anger, a bleeding tongue and a clenched fist summarises ‘Passive Tone’; talking to people who don’t think you’re worth their time of day. Entwined elements of punk-rock, pop-punk and alternative rock provide ‘Paint A Picture’ with a unique twist on a classic punk-rock record that’s characterised perfectly in their closing track ‘Picturesque’. After dealing with pretentious idiots, twisted partners and societal pressure, it’s easy to raise a middle finger, but hard to wake up in the morning and realise that you’re scared. ‘Picturesque’ opens with a floating synth and electronic drums and encapsulates the deep-rooted feelings of isolation and anxiety that are lying under your sternum, covered by your facade.

Nocturnal Animals describe their debut EP saying:

Paint A Picture‘ is a fuck you with a smile! The emotions of letting go of all your cares and saying a simple fuck you to all the people that have given you grief with a passive tone. You will go through a musical journey through letters and pages from a diary that represent the feeling of coming into your own; walking with the confidence of not giving a shit whilst recognising underneath that you’re scared.”

‘Passive Tone’ and ‘A Simple Fuck You’ has already received press from AAA Backstage, Punktuation, HEAVY Mag, Hysteria Mag, Aus Music Scene and The Faction. Nocturnal Animals with their modern punk energy has stirred national radio play from Triple J, spot rotation on Triple J Unearthed as well as a variety of community radio stations across Australia.

‘Paint A Picture’ drops on November 4. Don’t pack away your halloween decorations yet because these skeletons are out of the closet for good.

Upcoming Shows
November 5 – Oxford Tav, Sydney | DOWNGIRL Single Launch
December 10 – Exeter Beer Garden, Adelaide | EP Launch
January 6 – Tomcat, Brisbane

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