TikTok creator turned pop songstress Rory Eliza, today makes her musical debut with the irresistibly fresh single ‘Young’, out now via Central Station Records. A record to soundtrack the summer, Rory Eliza perfectly encapsulates youthfulness at its core, being whoever you want to be and not giving a damn what anyone has to say about it. An instantly infectious slap bass riff kicks the track off, rolling underneath Rory’s catchy, crisp vocals. Bright production with booming yet dreamy synths drive the sentiment home as every listener is transported to an everlasting sunset, cruising the coastline with the rooftop down. It is only the beginning for the young talent and with an effortlessly contagious energy such as Rory’s, the sky’s the limit.

On the meaning behind the lyrics Rory Eliza shares, “Sometimes we just want to be young and not fit into the perfect teenager criteria. Because what is the perfect teenager? The song ‘Young’ is about finding yourself even if that is wearing lots of rings and ripped jeans, or even sitting on the roof with your friends blaring music and creating memories of a lifetime.”

An accompanying music video sees Rory Eliza as her most effervescent self, taking on a variety of characters as she salutes the message of ‘Young’, to be who she chooses and remain fearless against any criticism. On the making of her first music video Rory Eliza notes, “It honestly felt like I was walking in a dream. I worked with such amazing people during this time. And to be honest, I thought I would be a little bit shy to record the video and have such a major attitude in some scenes but to be honest, I wasn’t shy at all. The team I had around me was so uplifting and they just made the vibe in the room so positive and fun.”

Newcastle local Rory Eliza is no stranger to the spotlight, starting her career as an influencer at the early age of sixteen. Fast forward a few years, and she has grown to amass over 6 million loyal fans across social media who follow her every move and rely upon Rory for the latest trends in fashion and beauty. Vibrant, comedic and carefree, she has collaborated with brands such as Camilla, The Iconic, Fenty Beauty, Disney, and McDonald’s, to name a few. However, growing up in a musical household, Rory has had her eyes set on pursuing a career in singing from a young age. Citing influences such as Olivia Rodrigo, Ava Max, and Taylor Swift, she certainly knows her way around a pop hook and  with the flair and charisma to boot, Rory Eliza is non-stop flexing her songwriting talents on her journey to pop stardom.

Rory Eliza’s debut single ‘Young’ is out now on Central Station Records.

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