Today, Sydney-based electronic artist Nyxen releases her debut album PXNK, pronounced “punk”, out now via Tank Top Records/BMG. 

A formidable fusion of ‘80s synthwave and modern electronic influences, PXNK is a standout debut from the rising talent. The 11-track project emphasizes emotional lyricism and dynamic production while incorporating Nyxen’s affliction for a retro aesthetic. Including early staples from her catalog like ‘Tunnels’ and ‘Nightmare’ in tandem with new hits like ‘Silence In Motion’ and ‘Fantasies’, PXNK is the soundtrack of Nyxen’s career thus far. Through layers of fuzzy guitar riffs and ethereal vocal effects, PXNK leaves its mark on her listeners with each and every track.

Describing the album, Nyxen said, PXNK is an amalgamation of sounds and stories that have influenced my life. It’s about the contrast of discontent and hopefulness, the back and forth, the night and day. PXNK is the last few years of my life condensed into 41 minutes.”

Laying the groundwork for an engaging body of work, PXNK opens with its titular track. “The direction of the album all started with ‘PXNK’. I had a name, a sound, and a vision for the body of work I wanted to put forward and it feels very fitting to guide the listener into the album the way I was guided into writing it,” Nyxen says about the album.

Weaving deep, emotive electronic foundations with indie sensibilities and universally relatable lyrics, PXNK is a testament to the years Nyxen spent refining her sound. A cohesive collection strung together through angst and melancholy, the album displays her range of talents, with tracks like ‘The Search’ and ‘Synthetic’ highlighting her vocal abilities while instrumental cuts like ‘Oceanview’ and ‘Lightyears’ show off keen ear for production.

Known for her intricate synth work and guitar-driven production, Chelsea Lester (Nyxen) has carved a unique space for herself at the intersection of dance, indie, and pop music. First emerging on the scene in 2015, Nyxen has used her revolutionary sound to amass millions of streams and garner a dedicated following, solidifying herself as one of Australia’s most revered multi-instrumentalists in the process.

With the PXNK, Nyxen has found her creative sweet spot. After first falling in love with indie music and her guitar as a young girl, Nyxen stumbled into the world of electronic and dance music. It wasn’t until years later that she realized she could create music which simultaneously honored both worlds. PXNK is the culmination of Nyxen’s musical influences, both past and present, married harmoniously to tell the story of her sonic evolution.

Nyxen invites fans into her world with PXNK, available on all streaming platforms on Friday, August 19th.

PXNK Album Tracklist
2. Synthetic
3. Silence In Motion
4. Tunnels
5. Oceanview
6. The Search
7. Radio Silence
8. I Wanna Know
9. Fantasies
10. Lightyears
11. Nightmare

Nyxen Upcoming Tour Dates
Sat 1st Oct – Grapevine Gathering, Swan Valley, WA
Sun 2nd Oct – Grapevine Gathering, McLaren Valley, SA
Sat 8th Oct – Grapevine Gathering, Yarra Valley, VIC
Sat 15th Oct – Grapevine Gathering, Hunter Valley, NSW
Sun 16th Oct – Grapevine Gathering, Mount Cotton, QLD
Mon 12th Dec – Forth Festival, Forth, TAS
Sat 24th Dec – Factory Festival, Perth, WA
Fri 30th Dec – Rhythm and Vines, Gisborne, NZ
Sat 31st Dec – Rolling Meadows, Waipara, NZ


For more info on Nyxen, visit:
Official WebsiteFacebook | Instagram | Youtube

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