Legends of wild, hairy humanoid creatures exist in cultures around the world. Dubious evidence surfaces now and again; blurry photographs, hair samples, footprints, followed closely by sceptics heard hollering “hoax” and “man in a suit”. Until today…

Osaka Punch and the legend of the MIXED APE, commonly known as “the new album”, is a family of large and hairy human-like mythical creatures that inhabit the forests of SE Queensland, particularly in the suburbs of Jamboree Heights and Camp Hill. Claims of “New Album” date back to 2017, when wild howls of How We Operate first emerged, before 2019’s Hall Of Shame and Drones haunted the residents of Brisbane.

The first taste of Mixed Ape comes in the form of Simulate and about it Osaka Punch muse “Is there more to reality than just the human experience? Do our senses give us a true understanding of what’s around us, or if we peel it all away are we left with the true fundamentals of the universe? What is hot dog and why do muffins? Answers to these questions and more on Simulate, the new game show that takes place inside a musician’s mind 3 seconds before falling asleep.”

With today’s release of Simulate, and rumblings of an Album Tour announcement soon, the legend of Osaka Punch’s MIXED APE is alive.

Experience Simulate hereli.sten.to/osakapunchsimulate

Mixed Ape will be released on September 4Pre orders coming soon.Follow Osaka PunchWeb | Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube

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