Metalstep extraordinaire PhaseOne has today released a new track featuring Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo! The track is available now on all good digital outlets and can be pre-saved as part of the ‘Transcendency’ album – featuring thirteen tracks of fresh and devastating material. The album can be pre-saved on Spotify at

The record features not only Periphery, but three special treats for heavy music lovers – featuring the track Crash & Burn with Northlane, and a track featuring Thy Art is Murder’s CJ McMahon!

NEST HQ said of the new track in their premiere piece –  ““Digital” presents itself as your typical rock tune as it opens with vocalist Spencer Sotelo’s voice and a heavy instrumental. We’re sucked into Periphery’s signature sound until we reach the two-minute mark, where PhaseOne steals the show and plunges us into a bass-driven midtempo frenzy. This track’s climax is most unexpected — I can’t stop listening to this track over and over again.

Discussing the release of ‘Transcendency’,
PhaseOne says: ’’This has been the biggest musical endeavour I have ever embarked on. I really wanted to do more than another 4 track dubstep EP and really show off my roots and what I’m capable of compositional & from an engineering standpoint. It really allowed me experiment with genres I am known less for producing but at the same time all 13 songs are super cohesive and is a collection of music that I think is pushing lots of boundaries in this scene. I’m super proud of this album and hope you all enjoy!’’

Continuing, the young Australian bass artist, currently living and touring in the USA, said that “It took the better half of a year to complete this album, but I think it was every bit worth the wait. My team and I approached some of my favorite bands and artists to work with me on this album and them after hearing a few of the ideas we pitched to them it everyone seems stoked to be a part of the project! This album really crosses over the metal and EDM scene hard. I’ve always tried to master merging the 2 genres seamlessly and I think in these tracks (especially) the ones featuring Northlane, Periphery & Thy Art it really shows the attention to detail.

PhaseOne‘s new LP ‘Transcendency’ will be released into the world on April 17 and can be pre-saved on Spotify at


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