Ahoy there, all ye crusty crusaders of the seven seas! ‘Tis a fortuitous day indeed for the infamous privateers and pirate metal outfit Lagerstein, who have announced details of their upcoming third studio album!

Hailing from Brisbane, Captain Gregnarr and his fearsome band of buccaneers have gained the envious reputation of being Australia’s premier pirate metal outfit, with multiple sold-out shows across their home country and several successful stints in Europe. Having secured a place on this year’s Sabaton Open Air and Wacken Open Air, the Lagerstein crew set sail once more with their upcoming studio offering ‘25/7’, promising a glittering treasure trove of twelve jaunty, colourful and undeniably boozy sea shanties. Serenading their love of rum, drunken parrots and drinking from shoes, ‘25/7’ will be a coveted keepsake for any self-disrespecting, yellow-toothed swashbuckler!

Having hit the studio earlier this year to record in Sweden with world renowned producer Fredrik Nordström (Bring Me The Horizon, Arch Enemy, In Flames, Soilwork), Lagerstein’s upcoming album will be sliding into port on 23rd August 2019 via Kegstand Records. ‘25/7’ boasts traditionally seaworthy instrumentation scored with modern, distorted guitar work and coarse vocal outbursts that continues the seven-piece act’s legacy as one of the greatest “party bands” of modern metal.

On the album’s title, the band offer a simple, effective and inspiring explanation: “What could be better than partying for 24 hours? Sailing west and stealing an extra hour of daylight so we can party 25/7!”

Lagerstein took to social media to confirm that the artwork of ‘25/7’ has been dug up from the deep ahead of the album’s summer release date. The “party pirates” are also currently engaged on their huge “Endless Rum” Tour, which takes the band across Europe, UK and Australia, with plans to continue partying their way across the globe to share the fun and joy of the pirate’s life with landlubbers and sailors the world over!

Banding together in Queensland, Australia, Lagerstein dreamed of being a pirate metal band on a never-ending voyage to rock stages, create catchy music and have the best time, all the time. In the 9 years since, the seven-piece act have become an emerging hit, equally well-known for their unmistakable brand of catchy party tunes and a hugely entertaining live show of legendary proportions. Violinist Mother Junkst says “Originally we simply wanted to play in a band where we’d have beer bongs on stage. Something fun, silly but with awesomely catchy songs. With time this became something much more. We didn’t choose the pirates life, but it turns out we are perfect for it!”

Pre-orders for ‘25/7’ and more details on the album will be available soon. Tickets for Lagerstein’s ‘Endless Rum’ tour can be purchased directly from the band’s website.

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