Sun Salute share powerful new single + video for ‘No More’;
on tour through March/April

Born of the snow season in Victoria, jamming and snowboarding together, Sun Salute are an international collective of musicians that draw inspiration from nature, travel and community. Their philosophy is both simple and infinitely complex: to use the power of music for healing and change.
Politically driven and unafraid of voicing the truth, Sun Salute are not without their bite, but even at their most lyrically pugilistic they are positive and uplifting. No More, the first single off their album due out this year, is a perfect example of all of the above. Taking a full reggae ensemble, giving the horns a delicious Motown twist, and delivering socially conscious lyrics through an epic tropical melody; No More is a glorious hybrid of tones, styles and ideologies.
Featuring local Indigenous custodian Ken Dodd, No More lends its voice to the original owners of this land and to all people around the world whose cultural values, sacred protocols and ancient voices have been silenced by corruption and misinformation. Serving a call-to-action for people to rise up against the increasing corporate influence over the planet, Sun Salute pay honour to the creed of saying what you mean and meaning what you say. That is the philosophy of Sun Salute in a nutshell. Be real. Speak the truth.

Returning to their roots in the Victorian snowfields, the band tracked their new material at reggae icon Nicky Bomba’s mountain cottage with legendary engineer Robin Mai (John Butler Trio, Melbourne Ska Orchestra). Refining and finishing the tracks with reggae maestro Paulie B (The Beautiful Girls, Bobby Alu), Sun Salute’s ARIA Award-winning production team has done an exceptional job in capturing all of the classic reggae rhythms, dubs, solid grooves and jams of the band’s notorious live show.
Taking this movement worldwide, Sun Salute are a bright hope in dark times, which the world needs now more than ever. A product of the band’s own rich cultural diversity, Sun Salute exist as a shining example of how humanity’s differences only make us stronger together.
New single ‘No More’ out now via Firestarter Distribution
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