Sydney Miller
Debut EP ‘The Inside’
Out Independently February 25, via Ditto pre order now. 
Melbourne EP Launch Show March 3, 2022 Tix on sale now from Eventbrite.

Melbourne based artist, producer, songwriter and musician Sydney Miller releases her debut EP, ‘The Inside’, out February 25, via Ditto.

‘The Inside’ follows the release of her recent single, ‘Running Out’, a virulent track showcasing the 22 years old’s stunning vocal, among a myriad of random sounds from balloons, fireworks, toys, and glass, knitted together in organised perfection. ‘

Miller, 22, refuses to let a global pandemic get in the way of her music career. Writing, recording and releasing since the world locked down. Her debut single ‘Out From The Inside’, August 2020, the follow up ‘Bad News’, in Feb 2021 and a third ‘In the Office’, August 2021, gaining airplay on triple j and triple j Unearthed, Fbi, RRR, and several other community stations.

A talented songwriter, she was commissioned to compose music for The Grainger Museum to accompany an exhibition running through Melbourne Design Week.

She will be launching ‘The Inside’, Thursday, March 3, at the Toff In Town, tix on sale from Tix on sale now from Eventbrite.

Thursday, Mar 3              The Toff In Town                                         Melbourne       VIC

Tix on sale now from Eventbrite.

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