Emerging onto the punk music scene with an electrifying resonance, Wagga-based band Barr-Nun has released their latest track, “Be Like You (u.who?).” This hard-hitting skate punk anthem encapsulates the struggles of identity within a toxic relationship, delving into the emotional rollercoaster of breaking free while still feeling the pull of that toxic connection.


Barr-Nun’s “Be Like You (u.who?)” is a piercing reflection on the confines of identity and the trials faced during and after a tumultuous breakup. The song’s first verse captures the sense of liberation that follows a rough separation, highlighting the freedom from identity constraints. The second verse delves into the intricacies of moving on from a toxic individual, all the while grappling with the persistent feeling of their presence being essential, despite the detrimental nature of the relationship.


The heart of the track lies in its infectious chorus lyrics, penned by Joshie Barr. The vibrant interplay of the punchy drums, masterfully handled by Paddy Prest, and the searing guitar solo, skillfully executed by Lachie Burton, adds depth and dimension to the song, creating an irresistible sonic experience.


About Barr-Nun:

As a young, regional band, Barr-Nun is committed to pouring their unwavering dedication into their music. The band members share a steadfast determination to overcome the challenges of limited travel opportunities, ensuring that every performance reflects their devotion to their craft. With a commitment to giving their all to the Barr-Nun project, the band aspires to broaden their horizons by captivating audiences in cities across the nation.


Barr-Nun’s trajectory is poised for an exhilarating ride in the coming months. The band is thrilled to announce an eagerly anticipated November/December end-of-year tour, with dates set to grace cities including Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, Wagga, Tumut, and Melbourne. This tour promises to showcase Barr-nun’s dynamic stage presence and amplify their burgeoning reputation on a national scale.


“Be Like You (u.who?)” was expertly produced and mixed by Conner Massey and masterfully mastered by Jack Nigro. The recording took place at Sonora Studios in Tuggerah, resulting in a high-energy anthem that is set to resonate with listeners far and wide.

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