“Showcasing his signature genre-blurring style that sees him merge pop, rock and rap influences, the track is the first glimpse of his upcoming new project” – DIY MAG

“Bright guitars punctuate what feels like the morning after a raging house party on WizTheMc’s latest release. Complete with the sublime feeling of being the first to wake up and having to stumble over broken glasses to get to the bathroom, “World Is Fucked” forces you to examine the bleary-eyed face staring back in the mirror.” – ONES TO WATCH

Pop/rap artist WizTheMc has released his new single ‘Everything’, out now via 10K Projects/ Homemade Projects.


The acoustic guitar driven single arrives ahead of his debut album, due this year, and follows up the success of his EP What About Now? The EP, released at the end of last year, features the breakout single ‘For A Minute’, which has amassed nearly 30M streams on Spotify to date.

Fitting for an artist who spent formative years on three different continents, WizTheMc describes his sound as “borderless music.” It’s an apt description for the 22-year-old singer, rapper, and producer, who combines an ear for sticky pop hooks with nimble rapping abilities, all bolstered by high-octane production and summery guitar loops.

Currently based in Toronto, the Cape Town-born artist is bringing his magnetic records to the masses. As a teenager, he began rapping with friends in the town of Lüneberg, Germany, and like many Gen Z creatives, applied a DIY ethos to music-making.

“For me, it was always the internet. I learned how to freestyle off the internet, how to write songs, how to make beats,” he says. “That’s so beautiful, because no matter where I was, if I had my laptop, my interface, and my mic, I could make music.”

Wiz’s career hit warp speed in the summer of 2020, when his peppy love song ‘For a Minute’ became a major online hit, following his signing with Elliot Grainge’s 10K Projects. It’s since accrued over 27 million streams on Spotify alone. A charming music video shot during quarantine highlights Wiz’s natural charisma, easy screen presence, and goofy sense of humour. But now that he’s got more resources behind him, he’s committed to making a world that expands on his music.

Recent videos for ‘All My Friends Are Stoned’ and ‘World is Fucked’ showcase Wiz’s playful and visually creative side, with rich colour palettes and surreal humour. “Sometimes, I would just write the chorus and then write the music video concept just off the chorus,” he says. “With everything I’m making, there is just a visual element that’s working in the background.”

In addition to gearing up for live shows including major festival dates like Austin City Limits, Wiz is currently putting the finishing touches on a new batch of songs. He says introspective rappers like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole have inspired him to pour more of himself than ever before into the music he’s writing, “it’s been my goal to be able to put down my emotions as accurately as possible onto paper. To the point that I feel moved by my own words because they feel so true to me,” Wiz says. “I feel like these songs are the closest to my real experience. These are the most vulnerable songs I’ve written to date.”

“My favorite thing is when I make something I don’t understand or love immediately and then it grows on me,” he explains. “I feel like it’s an empowering idea for artists that we are not really the ones in control to make something meaningful. We don’t have to understand anything to make anything great, we just have to be there and show up and let the music come through us.”


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