Serenade Christmas NFT Drops 

OCEAN ALLEY – Touch Back Down



SANS SOUCIS – A Time For Her


t’s been a huge six months since the global launch of eco-friendly NFT platform Serenade back in August. Setting out to demystify and simplify NFTs for music fans everywhere, Serenade has helped nurture the NFT space out from the underground world of the tech-savvy into the mainstream psyche of music and art lovers everywhere. Launching NFT drops from Jungle, Super Furry Animals, Gary Powell, Yours & Owls, Ladyhawke, Arrdee, Client Liaison, Eugy and more! 2022 is shaping up to be a plentiful year of exclusive NFT releases and ground-breaking partnerships delivered by Serenades’ ever-expanding global team. There is so much more to come!  If you happen to find yourself on Santa’s nice list this month, Serenade has a list of fresh NFT goodies to add to your wish list, just in time for Christmas!  From Northern Beaches dive bars to sold-out international tours, festival headline slots, and over 450 million streams, Ocean Alley’s evolution has been refreshingly authentic. Their debut NFT drops hot off the back of their new single, ‘Touch Back Down’. The ‘Touch Back, Down’ NFT gives fans an alternate visual experience that features unique underwater footage not used in the official music video. The band have made the NFT available for $2, less than your morning coffee, making it accessible to everyone looking to enter the world of NFTs! All proceeds from sales will be donated to the organisations supported by Ocean Alley via their community branch A Day For The Beaches; One Eighty, Red Dust and Cerebral Palsy Alliance. “Our interest in NFTs started from wanting to give our fans a form of collectable merchandise that was completely different to anything we’d released before. As musicians, we are constantly in search of creating something new and unique. With the way that art is being facilitated online in this new digital space of NFTs, going down that road was a no brainer. We feel this is the start of something special and hope that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy exciting, new material from Ocean Alley now and in the future,” the band says. Singer, songwriter, bassist Ahren Stringer is also an accomplished stylised traditional tattoo flash artist. After years of imprinting his art onto skin and paper, Stringer is diving into the digital space, creating his first NFT drop, ‘Somewhere Beyond The Blue’, via Serenade this month. Forced time off the road thanks to COVID has provided Stringer with the perfect opportunity to throw his time and focus back into his fine art. “Somewhere Beyond The Blue NFT drop is a traditional style flash sheet inspired by the lyrics of my band’s (The Amity Affliction) latest release ‘Somewhere Beyond The Blue’. Painted this year using pens and watercolour paint on watercolour paper,” says Stringer. Get ready to step into the world of digital collectables, all you heavy music fans!  ‘Vita Brevis’ is the first in an epic collection of NFTs by the creative powerhouse Carter & Richardson, who have been exploring the depths of their creative psyches together for over a decade. They have toured the world in Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes produced multiple top 10 records, played to hundreds and thousands of people, written A list singles, been integral parts of major digital campaigns for a multitude of top tier artists. Been to hell and back together and are always ready to dive down there again if needed. Combining Richardson’s extraordinary skill and knowledge of sculpting the digital realm and Carter’s natural ability to breathe words into weapons and pictures into power, the pair are a formidable creative reckoning, moving separately and executing their actions with military precision while thinking as one. “Life is short; this NFT will last longer. A single skull, doomed to float in the ether for eternity, acts as the canvas to a kaleidoscope of real-world colour and texture painted by hand on earth and painstakingly scanned and digitally converted so it can live forever in our hearts and minds and screens” they said.  London-based songwriter, artist and producer Sans Soucis has been releasing music since 2018. Her work has gathered support from across the industry, from Spotify’s New Music Friday and Fresh Finds, BBC Introducing London, BBC6 Music, The Guardian, Clash Magazine, The Line of Best Fit, The Fader, and many more. With the success of recent singles ‘Air’, ‘I’m On’, and her EP On Time For Her, along with being awarded PRS Momentum funding and Youth Music’s Best Solo Single Of The Year, 2021 has shaped up to be one hell of a breakout year! Her debut NFT drop, ‘On Time For Her’, sees her collaborating with mixed media artist, Adriana, to create a limited edition NFT that serves the purpose of crystallising a moment of realisation in her life, as well as celebrating the release of her EP, ‘On Time For Her’. “To me, this NFT is a talisman that represents the power of transformation, that can elevate and save us. I hope this unique piece of art reminds you of your ability to evolve and heal, as it does for me,” Soucis says. Serenade’s Environmental Credentials Explained Serenade NFT emits just 1/10th of the carbon of a tweet, which comes to 1/44,000th of the footprint of a normal NFT. We do this through an energy-efficient NFT authentication method called ‘Proof of Stake,’ a counterpoint to the standard Ethereum ‘Proof of Work’ method. This marked improvement is a result of the Serenade platform being built on top of a layer two blockchain called Polygon. Polygon has a trusted relationship with Ethereum, which means it doesn’t have to go through the exhaustive process of proving every NFT transaction to the blockchain, but rather achieves this via collective proofs. Not only does this lead to far better ecological outcomes, but it lowers the cost of creating NFTs so artists can be free to produce more work for their fanbases without bearing any gas fees. Not sure what an NFT is? An NFT is essentially the same as a physical limited-edition merch item, like vinyl or an artwork, only a digital file. The owner holds the copy of the digital file but not the copyright within it, as they would with a physical item, and they can sell their item at any time to another fan. Serenade is already providing unforgettable moments for music fans across the country. Head over to to see how.

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