Australian Shakespeare Company’s


Royal Botanical Gardens

Among the lily pads and the lake the Australian Shakespeare Company presents a timeless classic- The Wind in the Willows.

Entertaining audiences for over a century, the Wind in the Willows has delighted audiences for generations. The Botanical Gardens are a picturesque backdrop for the tale of Rabbit, Weasel, Mole, Otter, Badger and the infamous Mr Toad.

As we meet our friends among the flowers, The Chief  Rabbit ( played by Wolfgang Reed) opens the story to introduce us all as honorary rabbits. Soon comes along Weasel ( Paul Morris) to meet Rabbit and we’re off on an adventure.

Along the way we meet Badger, ( Kevin Hopkins) and Mole ( Cristina Wells) who join in the fun.

The tale of Wind and the Willows is nothing new, however its a much loved tale and the cast have done a fantastic job of keeping it modern, with the addition of more modern music and pop culture references. The interactions between the cast and audience are authentic and fun, the performances are perfectly balanced and each character adds a new dimension to the performance. As we are introduced to each character we are reminded just how loveable they really are. It’s nostalgic and a chance for adults to be a kid again, if only for a short time.

The story takes parts from the series to create a fun adventure that is full of laughs, music and as usual lots of audience participation. Weasel and the Chief Rabbit manage to captivate the young audience with their rapport and comedic timing.

The story takes a few twists and turns, the younger members of the audience get so enraptured with the whole performance at one point they start trying to re-claim Toad Hall on behalf of Toad. Audience participation at its very best and proof that the younger generation are just as delighted as previous generations by the tales of Toad and his merry band of friends.

The story is fun, it’s fresh and a wonderful walk down memory lane for the mature members of the audience. It’s a story that has lasted the test of time, and with such wonderful performances from the entire cast it also manages to enthral the younger audience.

Words by Amanda Lee Starkey

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