For years now twin brothers Jack and Patrick Pierce’s high energy duo Pierce Brothers has been a staple of the Australian indie-folk/ blues & roots scene, captivating festival goers and headlining sold out venues the world over. Exploding onto the world stage in 2014, the brothers started their journey as buskers on Bourke street (alongside other incredible busking acts Tash Sultana and Tones and I), and soon became a must-see act selling out 3 Corner Hotels with the release of their breakout EP The Night Tree in 2014.
We asked them to tell us their Top Ten fave cities in Europe.
1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Our favourite city in the world! The Netherlands is the first place that picked up Pierce brothers and Gav eus a start in Europe. We ALWAYS have a great time playing in Amsterdam, and very much enjoy going out on the town post show! It’s SUCH a beautiful city, and the people are top notch! The first time we wen’t to Amsterdam we visited some of their famous coffee shops and lost our shoes. Twice.

2. London, England
We tend to always play London as the final show of a tour. It’s always a big party there! From the Alexandra Palace with Tash Sultana, to multiple sold out nights at the Garage in Islington, to just a small little pub on the Thames, London is always a good night out!
3. Prague, Czech Republic
A few years ago we flew into Prague and spent a few days there before the tour started. We had the most fun. It’s got to be one of the most spectacular cities in Europe. The old colourful buildings that sit on the river are just awesome. We first played at Colours of Ostrava back in 2017 that kicked off a love afar with the Czech Republic and we’ve had some MASSIVE shows there now! Definitely up there for Europe!!
4. Berlin, Germany
Berlin might be one of the coolest cities int he world! I remember one night before a Tash Sultana show we all went to visit a club called Sisyphus, we did NOT feel good the next day but WOW what a city to explore! We have family that live in Berlin so any chance we get to go say hello is a big plus on that run of shows!!
5. Paris, France
We’ve always found Parisians to be some of the most awesome and rowdy crowds on tour, and I’m all about it! Jack always tries to use his limited French, so he speaks very brokenly onstage. It’s either endearing or incredibly embarrassing for him, I’ll let you decide! Also, surprise, beers taste good here too!
Pierce Brothers have returned to Australian shores following on from their most recent European tour and are about to embark on a regional Australian summer tour to spread the good times and good vibes. “It had been incredible to get back over to that part of the world and still have shows going as nuts as they had been!” says Patrick. “We absolutely cannot wait to share what we have been working on with our Australian fans and road test some new music!”
The Captive is the third collab track with Jan Skubiszewski, in a slew of collaboration releases from Pierce Brothers, working together the likes of Tash SultanaSteph Strings, and Garrett Kato. It’s a high energy indie folk single that explores the emotional baggage that comes with living a life full of regret; all the while urging toward a more optimistic future, with catchy hooks and an almost upbeat tone. [Listen: The Captive]
The music video was directed by Pat Pierce, and filmed with just the two of them and no other team, doing everything in-house; encompassing beautiful landscapes of Victoria as the duo feature in a contemplative performance.

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