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Press Club

The Corner Hotel 9/04/21

Press Club rocked out with the crowd at the iconic  Corner Hotel on Friday night. To navigate the crowd restrictions the hard working band smashed out an early show  and a late show, the punters were keen to experience live music. Press Club did not disappoint, playing all the band’s well known songs, including some new material.

From the moment she took her first step onto the stage, front-woman, Natalie Foster was on fire putting on  her characteristic high- octane performance, engaging the crowd throughout the show. Her onstage antics have made her one of the cities most popular punk live acts on the local scene, unpredictable and a live wire.

Ending the  evening with the classic “Suburbia” which Nat belted out as she jumped down into the middle of the pit, in a scene which we couldn’t have imagined during the last year.

Behind the lens: Matt Gee