Prior to launching LOS LEO as a solo project, Tom Montesi performed with his band supporting the likes of San Cisco, Matt Corby and DMA’s, with his music racking up over 2.5 million streams online.

‘False Start’ is a spirited track is brimming with infectiously singable melodies and finger-clicking grooves reminiscent of HAIM and St. Vincent, with lyrics that take a sunny outlook on past heartbreak, expressing optimism for new beginnings and lessons learnt.

My Dream Rider by LOS LEO

The Lane Shiraz + 78 Degrees Gin

Growing up in Adelaide you’re pretty spoilt with incredible wine and alcohol. I had an insane bottle of shiraz from The Lane a few weeks back that would definitely be on the list. I’ve also been enjoying 78 Degrees Gin recently, so a bottle of that wouldn’t go to waste either.

Blue Mountains Sandwiches

I recently spent time in a studio in the Blue Mountains, and every day we would go and have lunch at this sandwich bar. I can’t remember the name of the shop but I’ve been thinking about those sandwiches a lot recently.

Basketball Ring

I once read that City & Colour toured with a basketball ring and they would set it up everywhere they stopped to play a show. That would bring something fun and different to being on the road.

Exchange Specialty Coffee

Some batch brew coffee. Coffee is love; coffee is life.


I can’t function without Seinfeld in my life. There would definitely have to be a crazy entertainment system playing Seinfeld all night.


A masseuse to loosen me up before or after the show would be amazing. Also, a bed for power naps.


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