27 Listicle Series: ONDT BLOD

Ondt blod - Natur session 01 - Yo 1. FOTO- Terje Arntsen (1 of 1)

Norwegian band Ondt Blod (translation “Bad Blood”). Despite of having only released one album, Ondt Blod have a lot to show for. Not only have Ondt Blod been deemed the pride of the North” in Norwegian media; their debut-album Finnmark” was nominated as the new-comer of the year” for the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammys in 2016, and they have been listed on Norwegian national radio with five songs. The band has toured Norway alongside Kvelertak, and played the Roskilde Festival in 2016.

We asked them to give us a run down on the thing that inspire them. 



Top Five Guitarists
Bill Kelliher
Brent Hinds
Kerry King
Steve Ray Vaughan
Ola Salmi Seipæjærvi

Top Five Home town bands we love

Heave Blood and Die
Die a Legend
Jørn Hoel

Top Five Bands
Against Me!
Young Guv

Top Five Tour Stories
When Aslak (the singer) did a 10 min stand-up routine in front of a rowdy crowd waiting for Kvelertak, and got death threats and booed of stage.
When Håvard (the drummer) on a dare told a girl to “loose the zero, get with the hero” in front of her boyfriend- this one also ends in fear of lost life and limbs.
When Kristoffer (the bass player) barfed all over the backstage bathroom, due to over eating at a pizza buffet like a fucking 11 year old, leaving an intolerable odour that both bands using the backstage could bask in.
When our artist host passed out in an epileptic fit due to the stage lights at the first song in our set.
The gig at a skateboard festival, where all of the 20 attending the concert by the end of the gig were bloodied up, and on their way to the ER due to the magnificent combination of drunken backflips and broken glass.

Top Five Musicians that inspire us
Agnetha Fältskog
Björn Ulvaeus
Benny Andersson
Anni-Frid Lyngstad
Varg Vikernes


Check out the new video here


27 Listicle Series: SLOW TALK


slow talk

Melbourne’s Slow Talk are today releasing their gorgeous new single “New Vernacular”, the title track of their EP, out April 27. This new single is about realizing a burning desire to experience new things, explore the world and escape the monotony of daily life.

We caught up with the guys to find out their Top 5 Music Videos

Top 5 Music Videos  with Slow Talk

    1. The 1975 – Robbers

James and Ash: Sex, drugs and the epitome of cool, Matty Healy, in a modern day Bonnie & Clyde interpretation. Say no more.


    1. Northlane – Citizen

James: When I grow up I want to have my own sick Jason Eshraghian performance video. The camera work, the imagery, effects… As far as ‘white room’ rock clips go, Citizen is untouchable.

          1. Childish Gambino – Sweatpants ft. Problem

James: An oldie but a goodie. Maybe it’s just me fetishising American imagery in some way but I find the imagery really visually enticing despite its simplicity. For the photography aficionados out there, certain moments give off an almost Gregory Crewdson feel, creating tension and narrative from almost mundane situations. I’m a sucker for that stuff.

          1. James Vincent McMorrow – Cavalier




Ash: This is an absolute whirling of emotions. It has everything from stark realism that puts your heart on the ocean floor, to beautiful and perplexing splendour that puts you above the clouds. The sleazy lighting in the brothel always fascinated me, it becomes completely reiterated and given new context by the song. I can’t not mention the flag scene too – sublime





Seoul – Stay With Us

Ash: I always got a foreign feel from this video. The wandering of the city and catching the subway alone gives reassurance in solitude. The timing of the full band entering with the train going past is almost physiological, as if you feel the breeze too. I’m a huge fan of low light filming and gentle visuals, and the strobe lights tick even more boxes.  


Based in Melbourne, Australia, the pair has been writing in tandem since 2014, sharing a love for emotionally expressive music and progressive songwriting. The pair are influenced by bands like Citizen, Circa Survive, Gleemer, Emarosa, and Turnover – and on a composition level, inspired by bands like Gang of Youths, Bon Iver, and The National. Slow Talk’s DIY approach has seen the pair oversee not only the musical production of their songs but the construction of the band’s visual and auxiliary content as well.

Slow Talk‘s EP ‘New Vernacular’ will be released on Friday April 27 and is available for Pre-Order now on iTunes, Google Play and Bandcamp. For more information, go to http://www.slowtalk.com.au.

27 Listicle Series: LIKE THIEVES

like theives
The mighty Like Thieves are returning to the fray of the Australian music scene with the announcement of their brand new single ‘Never See it Coming’ and a national run of live shows. 
We caught up with Clint Gough to find out his Top Five Fave Music Videos 


Clint Gough – Top 5 Music Videos

It’s a tough choice here!!! Music videos are such an important thing for me, they have literally defined who I am today… There are so many to chose from but here we go…
1. November Rain – Guns and Roses 

The over-dramatized scenes, the larger than life characters and Slash busting out 3 guitar solos… Specifically the one at the church in the desert with the helicopter busting dust all over him. Just bad ass, they were the biggest band in the world at the time and they wanted everyone to know exactly there

2. Smack My Bitch Up – The Prodigy
I love how confronting this is, I remember it being very controversial when it came out back in the day and that ending is so unexpected. It’s simply awesome and looks like a great night out haha!
3. All I Need – Air

As a filmmaker, I have always loved this one. It takes you on a journey of two lovebirds where you forget about the music and are completely consumed but the human element of the film.

4. Da Funk – Daft Punk – 

Because who doesn’t love a “Dog” with a busted up leg walking through the city street listening to Daft Punk.

5. Back to School (Mini Maggit) – Deftones
Deftones were always going to make my list, but I thought I’d include this one as it has always seemed to fly under the radar. I love the fuck the system vibe and Chino is simply one cool mother fucker!!!
Friday 11 May – Canberra, ACT
The Basement – Tickets available at oztix.com.au

Saturday 12 May – Sydney, NSW
Red Rattler Theatre – Tickets available at oztix.com.au

Friday 25 May – Adelaide, SA
Enigma Bar – Tickets available at moshtix.com.au

Saturday 26 May – Melbourne, VIC
Evelyn Hotel – Tickets available at oztix.com.au

Saturday 2 June – Brisbane, QLD
The Zoo – Tickets available at oztix.com.au

27 Listicle Series: EVERCHANGING

ever changing
Everchanging are a post-pop rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia. The band recorded and released their Debut EP “Balance Of Opposites” in 2017. That experience inspired them to step up their efforts – and have been writing and recording with Ionei Heckenberg (Ocean Sleeper) at ZanAri Records – this new track Replace being the first of those collaborations!
We got together with the band to find out their Top Five music influences
Our past days: We were all pretty shattered to find out the band had broken up, they have a great range of dynamics throughout their music with hard hitting chorus’  and soft moving verses. These highs and lows can be found in many of everchangings tunes.

Our past days – too much too soon

Tame Impala: guitarist (lane) started experimenting with guitar sounds after hearing bands like Tame Impala and bands of that creative style, which led to the lead guitar having a bit of a soulful, emotion filled sound
Tame impala – mind mischief
Jimi Hendrix: In Jaydon’s earlier years of learning guitar he had grown up with a live Dvd of Hendrix so he persisted in learning the ins and outs of his riffs and rhythms.
jimmi hendrix
Rise against: prior to a band activities the boys dont mind a bit of old school rise against to get ready for practice, writing or playing a show. I dont think we could deny that instrumentally we are somewhat influenced by the band as most of us grow up listening the band

Rise against – the good left undone

Dani Washington: (Luke)
I think it was like 6 years into when I was playing drums when I first heard this dude play, he was just super clean with how he would use his feet to sync up with lead guitar parts and throw in all these syncopated fills on top but wouldn’t be on top of the band, it just complimented the guitars and vocals and made these chorus’s sound huge, that for me helped me realise how important it is to watch that I don’t over play on top of the band and be mindful of the beats I play and how it works with the music.


‘Replace’ is available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp and all good digital outlets. For more information, go to facebook.com/Everchangingmusic

27 Listicle Series: The Hard Aches

hard aches.jpg

After last year’s release of the standalone single Brain Drain and a sold-out tour, Adelaide’s indie-punk duo, The Hard Aches are releasing their sophomore album, Mess out next week (April 13 via Anchorhead) and will be touring nationally to support the album.

We caught up with the band to talk about their Top Five Fave Guitarists. 


Billy Bragg – Billy was the first guitar/singer/songwriter I fell in love with. The way he made an electric guitar sound on his early recordings really resonated with me. Billy inspired me to play and to play the way that I wanted because that’s how I wanted to. I was definitely lucky to be bought up on a strict music diet of Billy. Now in my more grown up (mature?) years I’m constantly being inspired to say something more with my music this I can thank Billy (and strummer) of course.

Johnny Ramone – The first songs I ever played, the first songs I ever performed in a band were the Ramones. Johnny’s no bullshit approach to playing guitar spoke to a young rebellious me. I could play the songs and even figure them out all by myself when I could barely play a 2-string power chord. Long live RAMONES.

Tom Petty – Greatest songwriter of all time? Yeah, I think so. Simple, meaningful and beautiful songs. I wasn’t exposed to Toms music until my late teens but it was an instant connection for me. Writing songs in a way that would be as strong and as powerful with an acoustic guitar (or piano) and a voice as they would be with a big band. This just made sense to me. I carry a lot of Toms wisdom with me every song I play.


Gillian Welch & David Rawlings – The perfect duo. They complement each other’s guitars playing like no one else. I love a lot of country music and these two are at the top of the list for me. Although I haven’t ever tried to learn their stuff, they are one of the few that get me so hyped on guitar playing every time I hear it.


Stuart Adamson (Big Country) – I’ve been exposed to Big Country’s music ALOT throughout my life. It was one of those bands that as a kid I always asked my dad to change when it was playing but as time went on I fell deep into Big Country’s extensive back catalogue. The TONES, the fucking TONES. Taking traditional folk style songs to electric guitars and (in my opinion) one of the best rhythm sections of all time. I think my riffs are very inspired by Stuarts guitar playing.




The Hard Aches hit the road on tour, catch them at a venue near you.




27 Listicle Series: BRITSH INDIA

British India landscape colour low res


Less than a year since the release of their latest album, the explosive Forgetting The Future, British India are thrilled to announce they’ll be returning to stages around the country in May and June on the Midnight Homie Tour that will kick off in Bendigo on May 11 and continue through regional and metropolitan cities in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, before finishing up at The Gov in Adelaide on July 6.

With all that hectic touring we asked the lads what are their Top Five Travel Essentials on Tour. 

UE Boom 2 speaker – It might be just to have some relaxing tunes to drift off to at night or it might be the vibe setter when there are a bunch of you hanging out in the hotel room. This thing sounds a million times better than your tinny laptop or phone in a plastic cup and weighs nothing and fits in your backpack.


A new album to listen to – Travelling and new music go so well together, If i listen to R.E.M – Murmur I am instantly transported to when we were recording in Berlin. Every morning i would wake up with a rancid hangover and walk from our AirBnb to the studio listening to this album and slowly feel the hangover dissipate.


Toiletry bag – Now this might sound obvious but if we are flying to Perth for a two week run and I forget my toiletry bag I am eating hard into my profits. Razors are a rip off, toothpaste, new toothbrush, deodorant etc. That’s at least $50 right there.


Snare – Recently we flew Qantas instead of our faithful Virgin Airlines with its magical baggage allowance and we had to carry on a few extra bags. I was in charge of the Snare. Now in my defence I only ever take my backpack on the plane with the essentials, a book, laptop, pen for Declan to borrow and lose, so I was on auto pilot. It wasn’t until we landed back in Melbourne after having a connecting flight in Brisbane that I received a phone call saying they still had our snare and it would have to be shipped at our expense because it was my fault…..unlucky. Thankful to the wonders of social media the snare was returned to us by a trusty fan at our next show in Joondalup.


A vibe – As much as good vibes are infectious bad vibes can be terminal. This is supposed to be fun! Who cares if you had to wait twenty minutes while the plane taxied. It’s the same with a holiday, why do i read more Facebook status updates about how someone was delayed and it ruined their holiday rather than recommendations on brilliant spots to go. You know you don’t always have to complain.


Catch British India on tour near you


Fri 11 May Tap House Bendigo

Sat 12 May Pelly Bar Frankston

 Fri 25 May Towradgi Beach Hotel Wollongong

 Sat 26 May Narrabeen RSL Narrabeen

 Fri 1 June Newport Hotel Fremantle

 Sat 2 June Badlands Perth

Sun 3 June Secret Show Scarborough

 Fri 8 June Sooki Lounge Belgrave

Sat 9 June Karova Lounge Ballarat

Fri 15 June 170 Russell Melbourne

Sat 16 June Barwon Club Hotel Geelong,

Fri 22 June Miami Tavern Gold Coast

Sat 23 June The Triffid Brisbane

Fri 29 June Cambridge Hotel Newcastle

Sat 30 June Oxford Art Factory Sydney

Fri 6 July The Gov Adelaide


27 Listicle Series: CAMARANO

The first solo release from Perth engineer, writer and producer Mat Cammarano, the almost-eponymous project comes after years of Mat working behind the scenes with other artists. We caught up with Camarano to find out his top five local Perth acts. 
Top 5 artists coming out of Perth with CAMARANO

Michael Savage – Quite possibly the most prolific songwriter in the West. Loves a chord change and is particularly skilful with lyrics. His third album is due this year and I can confirm it’s his best yet. Recommended listening – ‘Mike Love’

Bri Clark – Enormous voice and born performer. The type that gives you goosebumps all over. She’s on the cusp of releasing her debut EP, recorded over East. It’s bloody good stuff and bound to blow up. Recommended listening – ‘Shiver’

The Money War – Dyl and Carmen are a dream combo and the band kicks ass. The songs and production are timeless and full of nostalgia. Itching for some new music from these guys. Recommended listening – ‘Right Kind of Love’

The Peppermint Club – Teleport back to the 60s with Chris Chen’s solo project. It’s dreamy, wistful and references all of my favourite classics. Debut album out later this year. Recommended listening – ‘Everything is Changing’

CHIP HAZARD – Incredible guitarist, composer and hard-working sideman. Blows my mind how he can evoke so much emotion without a vocal, without lyrics. Recommended listening – ‘The River’

CAMARANO ‘Somebody Else’ EP Launch
Saturday April 21 – The Odd Fellow, Fremantle
w/ Chip Hazard and Bri Clark


27 Listicle Series: Sophisticated Dingo



Cheeky little doggoes SOPHISTICATED DINGO are sick of your smashed avo, craft beer and buzzfeed articles about the yoof and their inability to save money.  We asked the guys who their Top Five live bands are. 

We love playing live. So much so that we started Sophisticated Dingo for the sole purpose of getting out to play and see more gigs. Seeing a band play live can often provide the ‘last piece to the puzzle’ or strike you with that ‘eureka’ moment you’ve been looking for in allowing you to understand an artist’s music more and bring new light to their recordings. These five bands all have fantastic catalogues of music that when performed live possesses the most pure representation of them as artists. We love the energy, power and raw interpretation of art that each of these acts offers in a live setting and strongly recommend checking them out at a gig soon.


The Pretty Littles

– A great story-telling band that is as honest in their songwriting as they are raucous in their on-stage antics.


DZ Deathrays

– An emphatically ‘big’ sounding band that has complete control over a crowd and mosh pits charged on hook-filled rock anthems.


Tropical Fuck Storm

– Enchanting and mysterious. The songs don’t play at breakneck speed but you are drawn into their powerful in-your-face performance that’s impossible to veer away from.


The Gooch Palms

– Complete fun, catchy tunes and comic relief from the best stage banter out there. But the songs alone stand up for themselves as killer garage pop tunes and even have moments evoking a modern ‘dance-hall’ sound.


Amyl and the Sniffers

– In. Your. Face. Much more than a 70s Aus-rock revival band but they are bringing all the best bits of pub anthems, mullets and all.

These party starters are ripping up Sydney and Melbourne on their Yuppies Tour!

Saturday April 21st  Oxford Art Factory Sydney

Rare Finds 3rd B-day gig

Tickets Here

Thursday May 17th The Gasometer Hotel Melbourne


27 Listicle Series: OCEANS

Photo credit: Jennifer Sanson
Determination and passion is the bread and vegan-butter of this Brighton and London based rock band. Oceans are scribing their name into 2018 with permanent ink. Their surprise EP ‘Far From Composure’ contains all the elements of their formidable sound, with post-hardcore and alternative rock influences. With a glimpse into how 2018 is going to go down, get ready to learn the real sound of an ocean…”
We asked OCEANS about their Top Five Fave Bands
1) Five Kites
These guys are literally incredible! We played their EP launch the other night and it was a sold out show! If you haven’t heard of them, they’re a 3 piece grungy band. We love to play with this band and we often talk of hitting the road together. Lets hope dreams become reality!
2) Rory Indiana
Rory Indiana are the big boys in the Brighton scene! They’ve accomplished so much in the time they’ve been going for, quite unsurprisingly as well! They bring a totally fresh unique twist to the UK underground rock scene. We’re big fans of this band and we look forward to future releases from them.
3) Orchards
Orchards are on a new level… When we first saw these guys live we instantly knew they have a bright future ahead of them. They have music videos on YouTube with thousands and thousands of views and it makes us proud to say we’ve played with them. Regardless of genre, they are one of the best bands to have come out of Brighton.
4) Raya Rose
Raya Rose definitely have their heads screwed on and they really know what they’re doing. They’re just an all round great band and they’re live performance is very captivating. Raya Rose are currently in the process of working on some new material so we’re excited to hear what’s to come from them!
5) Quiet Lions 
We’re fortunate enough to have Quiet Lions play our EP launch on March 13th. They’re use of vocal harmonies is amazing and they’re music has left our hairs raised on more occasions than one… We look forward to sharing the stage with these guys a lot more and we’re happy to be in the same scene as these guys! Awesome band!
6) Dove House
We’ve done lots of gigs with Dove House. They’re our good buds and they’re a wicked band! They used to be more pop rock but they’re going down a more Indie ambient sort of route which is sick! They have a new EP coming out soon so make sure you keep an eye out for that!

Dive into their latest music video

27 Listicle Series: SHIVA AND THE HAZARDS

Shiva and The Hazards colour low res

In the physical world, Shiva and the Hazards were formed in Melbourne Australia earlier this decade by Douglas Hind and Leigh Baines. The pair then relocated to the U.K.  the land of their previous colonial occupiers, full of ambition and naivety.

Following their return to Melbourne, Shiva and the Hazards are planning to finish what they started. The band are now joined by Baines’ former collaborator, singer- songwriter and guitarist Jet O’Rourke (The Gear), to propel the release of their first collection of music, aptly titled, ‘Future Cult Classics

With the new music video East India Empress having a 70s vintage feel we asked the band to tell us what they loved the 70s and what they would bring back. 

Ah to be more carefree.
We are driven by the wrong things now.
Activities/clothes/treats  we’d bring back 
– Male jumpsuits which flare of course
– Lawn darts
– Having sex at the drive in
– Buying ciggies for my parents
– Free music festivals
– A bag of lollies for 20c
– more mystery – no internet
– 8 track tapes in the car
– portable record player that folds up into a little suitcase
– Skivvies
– More trust in general
Best bands… (releases in the 70’s)
– Led Zeppelin
– Pink Floyd
– The Who
– Bowie
– Bee Gees
– Elvis Costello
– Rolling Stones
– Creedence
– The Stooges
– The Clash
– Star Wars
– Chinatown
– Jaws
– The Phone box
– A clockwork orange
– The exorcist
– The Sting
– Taxi Driver

27 Listicle Series: ORCHA



​Since independently releasing his debut single ‘Crescent feat. Liahona’ in April 2017
and Bodybound (EP) the month following, ORCHA has been steadily creating a path of his own. The project’s beginnings came as a test. Being influenced by North American artists Andrew Bird, Rhye and Nicholas Jaar, ORCHA was determined to create electronic sounds using only his violin.

Orcha gives us his menu of top tastiest artists

5 tasty local artists – O R C H A SELECTIONS



I have been listening to a bucket load of Mildlife lately as they have just put out a real tasty new album. Their track “The Magnificent Moon” is an absolute epic and has some beautiful synth/guitar melodies.



Tetrahedra recently released an entire visual EP and continue to create amazing music that pushes creativity to the maximum. They have cooked up a visual treat with a huge list of collaborating artists, well worth the experience of loud speakers and a big screen.



Long time buddies have just released a new EP under the name Adult.Films – deliciously under rated and one to watchin 2018. Lauren Brydie and Sam Plummer share vocals singing sweet songs about modern life.



This. So beautiful. The lush vocals and stellar production make Seavera one of my favourite acts from the FNC turned Melbourne locals. Their songs make you cry like you are cutting onions, but because their music is beautiful, not acidic.



Cutest friends Uncle Bobby and Juice Webster have squeezed some tasty nectar out of some synths, garnished it with some spacey effects and served it up as Hemm: an electronic duo that creates moody ambience and heartfelt electronica. Juice will be supporting me at SUBMERSIVE #1 on Saturday, playing some of her solo tracks and setting the right tone for the night. Yum!

Do your ears a favor and have a listen here of this tasty delight and check out the show:





27 Listicle Series: Spylights

Spylights 2

Spylights is a progressive style alternative rock project from New Orleans.
The music has many different feels, emotions, and dynamic musical coloring.

We caught up with them to find out about their Top Five Fave Musicians 


Top Five favorite musicians

  1. Freddie Mercury-

Freddie will always top my list as a god. He was such a raw, groundbreaking and naturally multitalented composer, vocalist, and piano player with a golden vocal tone. To this day I have not felt or heard anyone move me as deeply as Freddie and Queen do..


Mike Patton-

I have been a fan of his style and mind since I was a kid.   He is a creative genius musically and has many different styles, moods, attitudes, and quirks with him. He is fluent in many languages, can also sing and perform in any style or genre of music and change mood at the drop of a hat. He has influenced so many great singers of my generation!


John Mayer-

Plenty of people don’t understand what an amazing musician, guitar player, and songwriter John Mayer is.    His guitar skills are so refined and flavorful, and as a lyricist he is very clever but still also very heart on sleeve. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and knows how to get you thinking deeply about some real shit.

Steve Lukather-

Steve is one of my favorite guitar players as well as the one of the most talented singer songwriters of all time. He was and is still a very key member of one of my favorite bands of all time ,TOTO. Steve and the guys from the band basically were Michael Jackson’s backing band and songwriters for the Thriller record!


I am and always will be a massive fan of Enya. Every thing she touches musically sounds so colorful and epic.      Her songwriting and production are amazing, and her vocals are always so velvet and ambient.    Her character, sound and uniqueness is why I put her on this list.

I have been a fan of his style and mind since I was a kid.                        He is a creative genius musically and has many different styles, moods, attitudes, and quirks with him. He is fluent in many languages, can also sing and perform in any style or genre of music and change mood at the drop of a hat. He has influenced so many great singers of my generation!