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27 Listicle Series: Alex Arpino

Alex Arpino has had a rich history in Perth music, with a decade fronting indie pop purveyors The Autumn Isles behind himhe now sets out on a solo escapade with his debut self-tilted record. Alex Arpino is the sum total of his musical experience to date, a love letter to his youth and a bold introduction to his artistry.    We asked Alex what his Top Five Childhood experiences were, growing up in Perth

Top 5 Perth Places/Experiences from my childhood with Alex Arpino

1. Pizza Showtime– I think I was 4 or 5 when my Dad took me there, the memory is vague and the place didn’t last long, so much so I thought it was a dream up until I found some evidence of it online a few years ago. It was basically a pizza place in the CBD with table top arcade machines built into the booths, with robotic animals singing songs from a big stage that looked like the intro to the Muppets! Enough said!!









2. Perth Entertainment Centre: This is an obvious choice but boy did it mesmerize me as a kid. My school mates father was a manager there so we got to hang out and go to concerts and basketball games. My first concert experience was Johnny Diesel and the Injectors, they were quite big at the time, it was in 89 I believe. The list of bands that went through that place over its life time is incredible.

3. Michael Jackson’s appearance on Telethon: 1985, Michael Jackson appeared on Telethon! The story is it was wrangled during negotiations to buy the Beatles catalogue from Robert Holmes à Court, who owned channel 7 at the time. I believe there were contractual requirements that shrouded the whole thing in secrecy outside of Perth, so it was a Perth secret for years, or so I’m told.

4. Atlantis: It may be hard to believe but Perth once had its own Sea World equivalent, Atlantis, with distressed marine mammals in captivity to boot. Situated about an hour and a half north of Perth, it was a popular destination for families. Not that I would condone such exploitation today but it was a pretty amazing place as a kid. There was a giant Neptune statue that is still standing today, it’s been used by countless bands for photo shoots, myself included! Atlantis met it’s demise in 1990.



5. Cinema City: Perth CBD was always enchanting to me as a kid, but a stand out was Cinema City, the biggest cinema complex in town. It was a regular destination to watch all that late 80’s -90’s cinema had to offer. It was also a regular haunt for local graffiti writers/b-boys/girls to hang out, so it was a great place to people watch and meet some of the local hip hop celebs. Cinema City was demolished in 2007.







Honourable mention: Observation City: The only place on my list that still exists, now called Rendezvous, (one of the last monuments from the Alan Bond empire) the only high rise hotel on the coast at Scarborough Beach in 87. As a kid it was a pretty impressive place, and the cherry on the top was literally that, a restaurant that specialised in Ice Cream Sundaes, with names like Sticky Chewy Chocolate, Earthquaker, and bubble gum flavored ice cream (with actual gum balls in it), Swensen’s was a serious place as a kid. I’ve seen the chain of restaurants on my travels overseas but sadly it is no longer in Perth.

Check out Alex’s music here:


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27 Listicle Series: Zenith Moon

Melbourne rockers Zenith Moon have today announced their ripping debut single Inhibition, an inspiring track about overcoming a negative experience and coming out the other side a stronger person, out now. The group have also dropped a clever clip to accompany the track, showcasing the fun, high-energy nature of a Zenith Moon performance.

We caught up with the guys to ask them TOP 5 MOMENTS WHEN INHIBITION RUINED THE DAY and here is what they said..

When Mum buys you an ugly item of clothing and you’re forced to wear it all day to not hurt her feelings.

‘Th-thanks Mum…’ You say as you confront the reality of not going outside once for the next week to stave off the questions like ‘Why aren’t you wearing that new thing I got you?’

2. When you have to fart during an important business meeting.

Maintain eye contact, make sure you don’t tense too hard, don’t stop talking otherwise they’ll know somethings up. You can’t handle that pressure as well – just play it cool.

3. When you’re at a friend’s house and they only buy one pizza to feed 5 people.

This is when you’re counting every. Single. Slice. But you’re torn between ravenous hunger and having your friends not resenting you for the rest of the night because you had three slices instead of two.

4. When you want to bang on ‘Inhibition’ by Zenith Moon as loud as you can but your friends aren’t into rock.

Sometimes you have to risk it to get the biscuit, they’ll come around anyway.

5. When you’re not paying attention and you snap back in to someone saying ‘…do you know what I mean?’

This is when you strap yourself in, and commit wholeheartedly to saying ‘yes’ with unbroken eye contact, all the while crossing your fingers and hoping they don’t ask you ‘well then what did I say?’ And if they do… well we’ll get back to you on that one.



Tickets available from

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27 Listicle Series: Young Monks

Young Monks have spent the last 3 years refining their unique blend of psychedelic-pop-wave, single-handedly producing all their own music and videos and amassing over 2.2 million streams and 55,000+ monthly Spotify listeners in that time. 


We caught up with the gang ahead of their tour to find out their Top 5 Artistic Influences… 

1. The Eagles

I remember from a young age hearing harmonies from The Eagles coming through my parents’ record player, and I am still blown away by how in tune they were with each other and how they were able to create such a unique sound as a group. Growing up and maturing I feel that this band played a big part in how I understand song writing and also how I hear music in general.

2. Bon Iver

This artist was a big inspiration to the whole band, and the way they can create ambience through their music is amazing. The lyrics, song writing and music is always very strong but the progression of the sound is also inspiring. It’s taught us to be delicate in our own music and try to incorporate more dynamic sounds.

3. Sufjan Stevens

We love the production that came out of Illinois – again it is very delicate music, which has a raw and pure aspect to it. I remember hearing it on the drive back home after a gig in the back of the car. I instantly relate the songs to a peaceful time and i think it’s important that you’re able to feel something through the music, which is something Sufjan Stevens does so well.

  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers

We all love the Chilies, they maintain a level of rock mixed with funk that can really do no wrong. We definitely all drew huge inspiration from this band growing up, and I think our love for funk music originated from this band.

  1. Nujabes

This is a newfound love for the band. Chill hop/neo soul music is a fresh style to us that we LOVE – we recently found ourselves listening to a lot of jazz music and this artist takes the progression of jazz and infuses hip hop beats and rhythms. I think this played a massive part in shaping our new record, a lot of our beats are very hip hop spiced and we try to infuse elements of jazz through the songs.

Young Monks’ self-produced debut album Swamp Creek is out independently on June 29 via Bad Bad Records/UNIFIED Music Group. Pre-order it here.


Friday 13 July – Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane

Sunday 15 July – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

Friday 20 July – Workers Club, Melbourne

Saturday 21 July – Brighton Up, Sydney

Sunday 22 July – Rad Bar, Wollongong

Wednesday 25 July – Roundhouse Beergarden, Randwick

Friday 27 July – The Park House, Mona Vale

Saturday 28 July – Waterfront Hotel, Moruya


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27 Listicle Series: King of the Travellers

Intertwining layers of Romani, Balkan and Celtic folk into a punk-fuelled tornado, King Of The Travellers summon the musical ghosts of yore from every corner of the globe.

We caught up with the band to find out their Top Five of Top Fives. 

Top 5 subject ideas for a ‘Top 5’ list with King of the Travellers

1. Top 5 animals to be attacked by – Our singer Nathan has been attacked by quite a few animals in his time, and could have filled this out from personal experience. He’s been bitten by a horse, a python and a possum, headbutted by a dingo, chased by an ostrich, and pecked in the face by an angry swan trying to protect its young. All valuable learning experiences and worthy of a list.

2. Top 5 dog breeds – There was no way we were ever going to whittle this list down to just 5. Labradors, Cocker Spaniels, Staffys, Glen of Imaal Terriers, St. Bernards, there’s 5 without even thinking. Oh God, Border Collies, Burmese Mountain Dogs! We can’t do it. It’s too much.

3. Top 5 ways not to be friends with your bandmates – Follow our lead, kids. Follow our lead.

4. Top 5 snacks to eat whilst being cross-examined in court – All we know is peanut brittle would not, under any circumstances, make this list.

5. Top 5 superseded scientific theories – We didn’t have time to research this list. I’m pretty sure the laws of physics don’t count any more though, right? And oxygen is actually two parts hydrogen, one part whipped butter.

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27 Listicle Series: Simone & Girlfunkle

Since forming on a hazy sun-drenched afternoon in North Perth, Simone & Girlfunkle’s deserving reputation has resulted in slots alongside some of Australia’s finest including Holly Throsby, Dr G Yunupingu, Wendy Matthews and All Our Exes Live in Texas. 

We asked the band their Top Five Pod Casts they recommend. 


Top 5 Podcasts with Simone & Girfunkle

Dear Sugars – radical empathy podcast in an agony aunt style with two beautiful authors reflecting thoughtfully on all sorts of written in problems.

How to be Amazing with Michael Ian Black – Really excellent long form conversations with folks like Ira Glass, Miranda July and Elizabeth Gilbert

The Moth – Short true experiences performed live. It’s often very moving and beautiful. Laughs and tears guys. Laughs and tears.

The Greatest Generation – Because secretly our band is full of trekkies. Who doesn’t love a moral conundrum!

Cloudbase Mayhem – dedicated to free flight. For anyone who has ever been into hand gliding more than a little. Our drummer loves to fly and would recommend it.

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27 Listicle Series: Dreamalysis

After storming stages this month in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, grunge-punk duo Black Stone from the Sun will be further showcasing tracks from their debut album Dreamalysis. 

We asked the gang to weigh in their Top Five Mullet moments in music.


Top 5 Mullets in music with Black Stone from the Sun
1. Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

We have a cheeky little double-doozy in at No.1. What would a crazy couple be without a crazy couple’s hairdo? Don’t answer, it’s rhetorical. We don’t have much more to say about this subject so we’re just gonna change one word in a bunch of Ozzy’s songs to ‘mullet’. Ahem… Mullet Train, Bark At The Mullet, Mullets Bloody Mullets, Fairies Wear Mullets, Iron Mullet, Mullet Pigs, Mullet Babies, Mr. Mullet, Shot in the Mullet AND Dirty Mullets. 

2. Bon Scott

Let there be mullets! WA’s very own Bon Scott comes in at No.2. According to legend, the Devil himself bestowed the AC/DC frontman with the eternal gift of the mullet. Some say the hairdo was the source of his vocal power, whilst others say “The Mark of The Devil” was simply used to woo the ladies and to intimidate his competition.

3. Paul McCartney

Given the success of Wings, is it possible The Beatles could have achieved so much more if Macca rocked this cut back in the 60’s? We will never know. Mullet > Mop-top.

4. Joan Jett

Not only was she the Godmother of Punk, she was also the nurturing mother of a mullet. Throughout her career, Joan has been a feminist icon and proved there is no inequality in mullets.

5. Michael Bolton 
No comment



Saturday June 23 – Badlands Bar, Perth
w/ New Talk, Pat Chow, Candy Guts, The Psychotic Reactions

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27 Listicle Series: Just a Gent

Just A Gent‘s racked up over 68 million plays for his work on Spotify, played some huge international festivals, and now he’s back on the road for 2018. In support of the new single he’ll head around the country on Just A Tour before heading back toAmerica to play Splash House alongside Duke Dumont, What So Not and Blacklizt.

We asked Just a Gent his Top Five Fave Tracks to listen to over winter. 

Kasbo – Over You

I have been a Kasbo fan since I first heard his song Visible on Soundcloud about 6 years ago. We ended up making a track together a year later and ever since we always keep in touch sending music back and forth. We played a show together last year in New York City and I heard this song and I just loved it straight away. He released it a couple of months ago along with his amazing album that you need to check out!

Odd Mob – Intrinsic

This track is insane. I get some serious feels when blasting this track. I just love the vocal work he has done and the beat is just too damn funky. Definitely one of my favourites from the Brisbane legend!

Pusha T – If You Know You Know

I’ve been a Pusha T fan since he featured on the Yogi track Burial. That track went hella hard and I loved it. Then when I heard the Flume collab I was even more of a fan. But he just released his Daytona EP and its absolutely nuts. This track reminds me of pubic enemy vibes. Its so upbeat and just dope..

Pendulum – Hold Your Colour (Noisia Remix)

Probably the hardest song I have ever heard. I lost my shit when this track dropped. The nostalgia of the Pendulum and the genius of Noisia makes this track a must for any DJ set.

The Nicholas – Headset

I had the privilege of meeting this legend when I was on tour in the USA with San Holo. Super cool dude. this track is absolutely amazing he is basically the dutch Tame Impala

‘Space Odyssey Feat Thandi Phoenix’

Friday 18 May / Brisbane, TBC Club
Friday 25 May / Erina, Proud Mary’s
Saturday 26 May / Adelaide, Fat Controller
Saturday 2 Jun / Hobart, The Tah
Friday 15 Jun / Sydney, Chinese Laundry
Friday 22 Jun / Canberra, 
Mr Wolf
Friday 29 Jun / Melbourne, Night Cat
Saturday 30 Jun / Newcastle, King Street Hotel

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27 Listicle Series: PAGAN


 Melbourne-based blackened rock’n’roll band PAGAN are thrilled to announce their debut album Black Wash will be out on July 6 in Australia via EVP Recordings, and the UK / Europe via freshly inked label with Hassle Records. Featuring the new single ‘Death Before Disco’. 

We asked the gang what the Top Five  Favourite Punk / Metal Moments You Wished Your Nonna Would Understand’ are. Check out what they had to say. 


  1.  David Lee Roth gets interviewed in his bedroom in 1981.
    There’s not really much else to say about this other than it is the greatest interview ever conducted in the history of heavy metal. I feel like this would have been so difficult to edit because literally everything that comes out of David Lee Roth’s mouth is pure poetry. My Nonna, rest her soul, would have been mortified by his haircut, and the fact that he was still in bed after 6am and he had guests.  


  1. Justin Pearson on Jerry Springer
    Justin Pearson has played in some of the most influential and boundary pushing bands in the history of hardcore punk – The Locust, Some Girls, Retox, and like a thousand other interesting bands. But it’s debatable that his greatest opus was telling a lie so well thought out and brilliantly executed that he and his friends found themselves on this raucious episode of Jerry Springer, entitled “Secrets Come Out”. Honestly I actually kind of feel like my Nonna, rest her soul, would have enjoyed this episode. 


  1. Punch at The Place 

San Francisco’s Punch were one of our all-time favourite hardcore bands. In 2012, they toured Australia and by some greater fate ended up playing one of their Melbourne shows at The Place. The Place was an old fruit shop that Matt and Xavier’s old band rented and converted into a rehearsal space which had a few shows and became a “place” where we would hang out until its eventual demise (the rent got bumped up). The sound on this video is pretty dusty, but it’s a window into one of the best shows any of us have ever attended and heart-warming to see that space and that band still alive in their respective glory days. Super Unison and Torso are two rad bands that came from Punch’s end. Too much noise for Nonna, but well worth your time!

  1. The Damned and Motorhead appear on The Young Ones
    Only pop music can save us now! This is sort of cheating because its two videos in one answer, but despite my Nonna, rest her soul, probably not understanding the jokes at all, The Young Ones was a true high point in British comedy. The show successfully managed to take the absolute piss out of the politics and culture of its era (1982-84) but also brought alternative comedy and music to a national television audience. My understanding sn that the show’s creators somehow figured out that the BBC would give them more funding if they were able to turn the show into a “variety show” so to do this, they asked some of their friends in bands to perform during episodes of the show, only their friends just happened to be the likes of Motorhead, who performed Ace of Spades on the “Bambi” episode and The Damned, who performed Nasty on the episode, “Video Nasty”. A gateway into for many into UK metal and punk for sure!        

The Damned: 



  1.  Plasmatics – Butcher Babies 

Wendy O Williams was the greatest. She was a true anti-hero and the most badass woman in the history of rock/metal/punk/whatever. You could post pretty much any video of her and her band The Plasmatics and she would no doubt be doing something rad and wild because she genuinely did not give a fuck about anything, but I think this performance of the song “Butcher Babies” is a great starting point. Shaving cream, exploding amps and a chainsaw. Wendy O is an icon and I’m sure don’t even need to explain why my Nonna, rest her soul, would not care for this one little bit.


Embracing their Italian roots in an almost sarcastic fashion until it’s pretty much become serious, Pagan have charmed audiences with their unique candour and straight-up saucy attitude since forming in 2015. The past 18 months have seen them play coveted spots on UNIFY Festival, Yours & Owls and BIGSOUND.

Check out their music video ‘ Death Before Disco’ here

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27 Listicle Series: Perch Creek

Perch Creek roller door


Energetic folksters Perch Creek are back with a mischievous new single Gold Shop, a thrilling car-chase of a track. The family band have also announced a hilarious, vintage-inspired clip to accompany Gold Shop, directed alongside Honey Editorial.

We asked the band what they would buy if they ever found a ‘ gold shop’

If I could buy 5 things from a “gold shop”…

1) “After The Gold Rush” by Neil Young – Although Neil wasn’t “searching for a heart of gold” until 2 years later, this early album is packed full of great lyrics sung in Young’s shaky lament.

2) “White Gold” by Barry White – Say I invite a girl over for dinner, then wine, then what next? White Gold by Barry White – that’s what’s next…

3) “The Gold Experience” by the artist formerly known as a symbol – This was the first album where Prince was no longer known as Prince and it features a bizarre track called Pussy Control, which I think is Prince’s take on a feminist anthem.

4) “Elvis’ Golden Records” by E. Presley – The King was so ahead of his time, he even put out the first ever “greatest hits” compilation way back in 1958! It only spans two years of his career, which is about how long it takes me to brush my teeth, but he delivers the goods.

5) Elvis’ gold Cadillac – I saved this one til last because it’d take me a while to save up enough. The outside of this supreme Elvis mobile was painted with 40 coats of “translucent pure diamond dust pearl”, made of crushed diamonds and fish scales, while the interior features interior carpet so thick you could lose your Chihuahua in it, as well as six 24 carat gold Elvis 45s stored on the interior roof to be played in the portable turntable. You won’t find this at your local Mitsubishi dealer!


The group are set to play a massive run of shows to celebrate the release of the album – expect to see and hear multiple lead vocalists, lots of sibling vocal harmonies and a lot more electric guitar than old fans may be used to, while still maintaining the band’s trademark mix of intensely high energy songs interspersed with atmospheric ballads.

Perch Creek is Camilla Hodgkins on keyboard and vocals, Lear Hodgkins on drums and vocals, Eileen Hodgkins on guitar and vocals, Christi Hodgkins on trombone, saw, harmonica and vocals and James Chandler on bass and vocals.



With special guest Jumpin’ Jack William (excluding *) plus more TBA All tickets available from








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27 Listicle Series: Ocean Alley

OA Secondary Promo Hi-Res copy


Hailing from sunny Sydney, Ocean Alley continue to solidify their place as one of Australia’s most exciting independent artists, announcing the release of their sophomore album ‘Chiaroscuro’.

We caught up with the gang to find out their Top Five Fave Songs to listen to whilst on tour. 


‘Eagle Rock’- Daddy Cool
This is our pump up song before we go on stage. We like the punchy rhythm and reckon it’s a pretty positive, feelin’ good song. The crowd always enjoy the sing along and we’re always having a dance too.

‘Boys Are Back In Town’ – Thin Lizzy
We like to play this when we are driving back home from shows, driving back into town. We put the windows down, have a good sing along – it’s not hard, nice straight up storytelling we think.

‘Tin Pan Alley’ – Stevie Ray Vaughn
This is an old favourite of ours, and a song we listened to together before we formed the band. It has intensely emotive blues guitar and can instantly transport you into Stevie’s world. This song inspired our band name and continues to inspire our music making.

‘Elephant Walk’ – Henry Mancini
This is the classic wake up song. So annoying you can’t ignore it and fall back asleep. It’s a great earworm that u can’t get out of your head for an hour or so.

‘I Shot The Sheriff’ – Bob Marley
We used to cover this song nearly every show we played when we were playing a lot in Sydney city and at pubs near home or up the coast. It’s got catchy lyrics and is a great song for lots of guitar. One of the greatest songs of all time.


Chiaroscuro is out now independently via UNIFIED Music Group, available to purchase here.

Ocean Alley are currently touring nationally, tickets for remaining shows are on sale now via

Saturday 14 April – The Tivoli, Brisbane SOLD OUT
Sunday 15 April – The Tivoli, Brisbane 2ND SHOW ADDED
Wednesday 18 April – The Enmore, Sydney 2ND SHOW ADDED
Saturday 21 April – The Enmore, Sydney SOLD OUT
Friday 27 April – Groovin The Moo, Wayville
Saturday 28 April – Groovin The Moo, Maitland SOLD OUT
Sunday 29 April – Groovin The Moo, Canberra
Saturday 5 May – Groovin The Moo, Bendigo SOLD OUT
Sunday 6 May – Groovin The Moo, Townsville
Friday 11 May – Metropolis, Fremantle
Saturday 12 May – Groovin The Moo, Bunbury
Friday 18 May – The Forum, Melbourne 2ND SHOW ADDED
Saturday 19 May – The Forum, Melbourne SOLD OUT